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Dr. Abayomi Baiyere

Date of doctoral defense: 16.12.2016

TUCS Department for the doctoral studies: University of Turku, Turku School of Economics

Admitted to TUCS GP on 1.9.2012

Graduate project title:

Discovering the Role of IT in Disruptive Innovations – An Enabler, a Sustainer or a Barrier?

Graduate project abstract:

Disruptive Innovations (DI) have caused leading firms to drop from their esteemed position not because of bad management or lack of technological skills but because they introduce a different set of business rules and performance measures. Therefore DI is a source of competitive advantage for the firm that successfully implements it and a cause for alarm for firms facing such disruptions. Central to this is the dynamic capability of firms and an important component of the capability of firms is their IT resources. Considering the profound impact of DIs on a firms’ market positioning, it is important for organizations to understand how they can leverage on their IS capability to create or face disruptive innovations.

This research is aimed at investigating the role of IT in disruptive innovation scenarios.
- From the historical perspective, has IT been a barrier to a swift response to disruptive innovations and how has IT been a significant factor in surviving DI?
- For today, is IT playing a significant role in organizations that are currently creating innovations with disruptive tendencies? If so, how?
- For the future, how can IT be an influencing factor for the ability of a firm to develop disruptive innovations?
This proposed research is aimed at providing answers to these questions.

A foundation and reference for future work on the relationship between IT and DI is expected to be built from the output of this research. Summarily, the position of IT in DI situations should be structurally defined and well understood.

Former supervisors:

Hannu Salmela (University of Turku, Turku School of Economics)

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